Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winning??? Yeah, I think so...

They say hoes be winnin' but Diddy be winnin' too!  The man is a master at marketing any and everything, BUT these days Twitter is taking care of that for him!  I am so TIRED of tweets and twitpics of Peach Ciroc!  People tweet about this stuff like they have some personal stake in the company or avenue for a come up if the world knows they have tried or are about to go bottoms up on a bottle of the new Peach Ciroc.  Maybe it's the social networking evolution, but really is, of all things, liquor that important?  And must I know where you got it, how much it costs. and what you're drinking it with!?!? It has gone way far...last weekend was Howard University's homecoming and of course the whole weekend Ciroc was just as much as a topic as the homecoming itself!!  So yea, hoes move over...DIDDY BE WINNIN' & I'm not mad him!  I would appreciate the free press too, while STACKIN$$$$

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