Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anyone else over this?!?!

So, I don't follow all the sports but hell if I don't look forward to NBA season every year!  I'm so over this lockout I could scream and choke an owner and a player!!  End this already!! The negotiations have gone on too long and NOBODY is winning in this production...which is exactly what they are turning this into, a full on dramatc PRODUCTION.  Not to mention the thousands,  maybe millions of people whose jobs depend on there being an NBA season every year.  The owners and players association need to get it together and think about the fans!!  I'm stuck looking at the EVER SO DRY Basketball Wives of LA, LaLa's Full Court Life, and the Kardashians to get my NBA fix lmao!!  *GRRRRRRRRRR* Stop the BS and give us a season...At this rate, we, the fans, can forget there being an All Star Weekend!  Winter just will not be right!


sunshinestar110 said...

yesss i've been over it!!!! I need the NBA in my life...i love basketball and football is just not cutting it for me

Lipglass and Handbags said...

Yessss I need the on the court aggression, tantrums, Sir Charles commentary, All Star coverage, Miami Heat Hype, and GAMES!!!!!!! I'm really mad about this plus I am not really a football fan...I'm just DONE