Monday, June 7, 2010

Black Coffee no sugar....or cream??? REALLY??

Sunshine from (CHECK HER OUT) is doing this at least one post a day for the month of June and I said I'd try it too, but clearly I defaulted this weekend. I was so wrapped up this weekend that I didn't have time to blog...sorry??

It's Monday morning and with every Monday morning comes a new beginning...but today I want to talk about interracial marriages.
  • What is your take on them?

  • Would you consider marrying outside of your race?

  • Have you dated outside of your race??

  • What do you think your family would feel about you deciding to marry outside of your race??
I got into the office this morning and as usual decided to check CNN's website in an effort to stay up on what's going on and found an article that sparked my interest about interraccial marriages. The article highlighted the fact that interracial marriages are at an all time high in the United States. I mean, this really isn't a huge surprise given this nation's history on race relations, but to me it was a pleasant surprise. The statistics state that interracial marriages comprise approximately 15% of marriages (not staggering but illustrates improvement)

Personally, I don't discriminate. Attractive, charming, romantic, and intelligent is becoming no matter what the color of the outside is, but there are some in my social circle that feel otherwise...that even in 2010, everyone should romantically/sexually mix with their "own kind"
It's 2010, the President is biracial, interracial dating is not as taboo as it once was, we live in an integrated society SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM??? In my opinion, with the odds being you're gonna get divorced anyway (hopefully not, but let's be real), why not explore ALL the available options & maximize on real, everlasting love as much as possible???

Isn't it time that as a nation we start ONLY viewing and appreciating the bond, love, and happiness between two people as opposed to their seemingly cultural differences and racial background?? When you think about all those components, is it, race, really important?

I'm asking because I have friends who become way too involved and angered that a famous Black man is dating a nonblack woman (now being called the Kardashian Effect) and vice versa with the guys....

Chad "OchoCinco" Johnson caught heat last week because, reportedly, he eliminated all the Black women from his VH1 dating show (supposedly) is that wrong if that is his preferance? If the person or women he liked the most happened to not be Black? Should men/women put aside their REAL feelings for the sake of "keeping it all black/white" or whatever???

Is it wrong to prefer a mate that is not of your same racial makeup???

There was once a time that interracial dating/marriages were illegal and the choice was nonexistenet to date outside of one's race or not. Sometimes I think that some of my friends and family members would still prefer for our society to still be like that as a result of their comments...I think interracial couples are the most beautiful!! The intergration of different cultures to me is beautiful and the children that are raised as products of that interracial, rule breaking love are more beautiful....

However, I know not everyone shares my views and that's fine...Bloggers what's your take??


Kiss said...

Yes I agree with exploring other races. Jason Statham & Channing Tatum included. Maybe the total package is outside of your dating relm?

khaki la'docker said...

I never understood why black women got so upset when they saw a black man with a white woman. Those same women would get upset and cry racism if they lost a job to a white person. How can you ask for equality and then only see color when looking at an interracial marriage???

Doesnt bother me one bit- I try to look beyond the skin of things :shrug: