Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Conversation...

we've all had it with friends, family, and people we're dating. You know, the conversation about dating and relationships...I find it particularly interesting to have those kinds of conversations with a male than female, because it's likely she's thinking what i'm already thinking and its funny to hear how men think of women, in relationships. Yesterday I finished reading Hill Harper's book...The Conversation (two years too late) but hey, late is always better than never!!!! My female followers have GOT to go pick up this book if you haven't already!!! Hill (successful actor, author, and Harvard Law grad) covers this "conversation" about how Black men and women can build loving, trusting relationships, like NOONE else!!

He talks about it all, his own relationship fears, what he thinks, and what I liked most is he got the men to open up (ALL THE WAY UP) about how they felt about their female counterparts, Black women...and ladies you know we definitely put in our two cents throughout this book....This book is honest, captivating, and so much more!! Anyone, especially anyone Black that is interested in changing their mindset about Black love or just hearing the ideas of others about why we, as people, do what we do and dont do...needs to pickup this book!!

From money, marriage, exes, kids, cheating, to relationships, looks at self, faith, health, sex and STDs, this book went IN!!!!

This book made me wish I was in a book club full of 20-something black men and women, having passionate debates at busboys about this ish....GO GET IT!!!! THEN LETS BLOG/TALK ABOUT IT!!

I LOVE BLACK MEN!!! This book helped completely understand me in the eyes of them! and made me love them and understand them even more!!!

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