Monday, December 17, 2012


I turned 25 on December 7th....YAAAAAYYY, FIST PUMP, YAAAAAY, RAISE THE ROOF!!! LOL, so of course I had to make sure I looked cute!  What girl doesn't?!?  So, my trusty, ever so creative nail tech decided to do a fashion/Beyonce inspired design on my stiletto nails...HOTNESSSS!!!!!  She and I both LOVED LOVED LOVED the Leonard-Paris black & yellow dress Beyonce had on a couple days before.  So being the Bey Stan I am, of course I obliged to having that design land on NO other hands but mine! The decision was a NO brainer!  It's worth noting that this was my first time getting stiletto nails too.  I'm sooo late to hop on the pointy, rounded nail trend smh.  While I love nail art, I love it on short, square nails or my natural nails.  These were a HIT!! Celeste, my tech, is definitely an extraordinarily creative gem!!! Talent unmatched!

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