Saturday, October 8, 2011

XQ Cuticle Remy!!

Hair review!!!  I promised myself I would  NEVER turn into one of those beauty bloggers/vloggers, but honestly, it is where I am right now and have been for awhile so to not blog about it, and to not offer my OPINION would not be right!!!  So normally, when I get a weave with beauty supply store, non-virgin hair, I use the Remy Saga hair GOLD!!  However, everytime I would go to buy the Saga, the packaging of the XQ Cuticle Remy always caught my eye and now, I'm going to try it!!  There is nothing wrong with the Remy Saga hair, in fact, I LOVE IT, but I want to switch up the weather some and try something different.  I have a scheduled install next Thursday so I will be posting pictures and maybe a video then of my first impressions and the new style.  I am very excited about the style because I'm doing something else different this time regarding the curling of the hair!!!  **STAY TUNED**

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