Friday, October 9, 2009

Kim K's new fragrance....

I LOVE perfume!!! My dresser is covered with Delicate Petals from Vicky Secrets, Armani's Diamonds, Gucci by Gucci, P.S I love you by Bath & Body Works, Irresistable by Givenchy and the list GOES ON FAR BEYOND YOUR INTEREST!!! Anywho, Kim Kardashian's long awaited fragrance is finally getting ready to hit stores (you know the one behind the reason she and her sisters fell out over on the show and they threatened to sue her, yea that one!!!) The fragrance, and result of a deal that Kim K. has with Lighthouse Beauty. The scent will include hints of Jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, tonka bean, jacaranda wood (whatever that is) and sandalwood. The pricing of the perfume will be around the typical range for popular perfumes between $32 and $65 per bottle. I am a fragrance whore so i'll at least drop by the department store for a sample when it's released but until then idk.....WILL WE BUY IT??? SUNSHINE110 LOL, will we buy it???

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