Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Song I can't get out of my head.....

Chrisette's "NOTEBOOK"

I love that song, it is so relevant to the events and lack of events taking place in my life right now. I'm late getting her album "Epiphany" but, in college, the last album "I AM" was like therapy!!!

"I'm feelin you, you feelin meBut still we can't be togetherI got a feelin'You got these same feelinsToo bad we can't feel 'em togetherI sit on my bed and wonderHow it'd be if you were mineI think of you like no otherHere's what I do every night..."

EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!!! Could not have found a better way to say it myself!!! It's funny how art truly does imitate life and at times when we haven't a clue how to sum up, in words, what's going on in life. I love this song. He is soo far....but IN MY NOTEBOOK LOL***

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