Thursday, November 5, 2009


Ok so she was beat by Chris Brown in February after the grammys and supposedly this was something that happened before BUT I could care less now, 9 MONTHS LATER, about what she has to say about it!!!!! I mean is she serious???

1.) She is seriously gonna start her promo tour for the new album talking about that incident??
2.) People are really gonna give her credit for talking about this NOW???
3.) If it was so wrong for her to go back to him after the incident, then why wait this long to confront the situation that she feared other girls would fall VICTIM to????

People PLEASE SEE THROUGH THIS B.S!!!!!! She has waited damn near a year to play the victim or role model in a situation that was nothing less than serious to promote her album. Who know, Chris' motivation may have been the same but she has been partyin, recording, performing, traveling like it wasn't nothing but NOW, now that her album is hittin' stores she is again Chris Brown's romantic, battered victim. I don't fault the chik for moving on with life BUT don't pull this whole "I gotta live by example B.S" when record sales are in the occasion.



khaki said...

THANK YOU!!!! im so tired of you!!!!

Lipglass and Handbags said...

LOL who me, khaki?

Islandbaby said...

Sorry, I don't agree...

What gives us the right to tell someone when and how they should heal? The process is different for everyone. I was once in an abusive relationship years ago, and I have yet to get over the humiliation that I felt. I have yet to voice what happened, to anyone. Rihanna is not playing the victim, she IS the victim, and I think that it is extremely disheartening to hear women berate her as if she did something wrong by getting assaulted.

I for one applaud her coming out with her story. She didn't have to come out at all. What happened to her is her business alone. It is one thing to be humiliated in your home when your boyfriend assaults you, and it is a completely different thing to suffer that humiliation in front of millions.

We ALL need to have some compassion. Just think about your most humiliating, private moment. How would you like that moment to be replayed a million times over in front of the world? How would you feel if people made jokes of your pain? I think she handled herself with class. So what if she is about to drop an album? When it comes down to it, the record business, is just that, a business, and sometimes you have to do what you have to do to be successful. She didn't choose for her private life to be laid out in the street publicly for all to see, so how can we fault her when she addresses it publicly - giving her side of the story?

I never had the courage to speak out, and even if I did I would never have been able to touch the amount of people that Rihanna can because of her celebrity. I applaud her strength, courage, class, and style.

Lipglass and Handbags said...

Island it is so true that her business is her business, especially her personal business AND the record business IS a business. HOWEVER, noone cares to keep hearing her or Chris Brown talk about that situation BUT if either of them MUST talk about it then YES, choose a classier platform in which to talk about it.

It is very hard for me to sympathize with her because of when she has "decided" to speak on the issue BECAUSE her album is coming out. F what anybody thinks, it's for attention and publicity BECAUSE talent, good music speaks for itself and can sell itself. HOWEVER, Ms. Rihanna has chosen to use her present "spotlight" to exploit both her situation and other young women in similar situations. Otherwise, she could talk in a few months or NEVER.

As far as I am concerned, neither Chris or Rihanna are the victim in my eyes BECAUSE I WASN'T THERE AND DO NOT KNOW THEM. If she is hurting, I'd be first in line to help her heal, IF SHE IS REALLY HURTING!!! BUT AGAIN, IF YOU'RE REALLY HURTING IN A SITUATION SUCH AS THAT ONE, THE RELEASE OF YOUR CURRENT ALBUM ISN'T GONNA BE WHAT TRIGGERS YOUR DESIRE TO SPEAK OUT OR "BE AN EXAMPLE" but your "HURT" rather.

My heart aches for young women who have dealt with such issues innocently BUT YES, RIHANNA has went about this situation all wrong, in my opinion. I have no respect for this method of "therapy", "living by example."

I can go on and on because i'm very disenchanted with the way she has chosen to handle her stardom and "being a positive example" for other young ladies

WE can agree to disagree....C'mon RiRi you have just been NEXT'D hunni, get outta here with that ish...just sing the songz!!!

Islandbaby said...

Yes, we will have to agree to disagree. If by speaking out you help young women plus sell some records, then its a win win situation in my opinion. Her album prior to this situation went multi-platinum so I doubt that she has an issue selling records.

I think that a lot of people are probably tired of the consistent coverage of this issue, but that's why we live in America, the Land Of a Million Channels, lol.

I support positivity overall, and I truly believe that she is doing a service to little girls, and young women that may idolize her. Nothing negative can come from her telling them that it is okay to talk about abuse, and get away from their abuser.

It is what it is...I'm glad no offense is taken to disagreeing. I always enjoy a good debate. Love the blog, keep writing!

Lipglass and Handbags said...

OMG!!! Island of course there is no offense taken otherwise none of us should blog!!! We're supposed to debate and share our differing ideas. ALSO, I LOVE your blog too but haven't gotten any new posts from you....sup with that???????

Can YOU keep writing please!?! LOL, but really, new post???

sunshinestar110 said...

So i'm over this heffa and I'm over this whole damn Chris Brown punched in my face many times are we going to discuss before it get old and played cuz it is. all of this was for her to sell records and for Chris not too..

ps...I follow TO and OchoCino to on twitter.