Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion Week: Passion for Fashion...in Color!!!

Its fashion week in New York City so, I had fashion on the brain and I started to think about the first Black designer(s). As I did my research on the internet, I came across a few names but one stuck out more than others, Stephen Burrows. Stephen Burrows is the first African American designer to achieve INTERNATIONAL acclaim!!

Stephen Burrows got his start via his education starting at the Philadelphia Museum College of Art and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. However, the New Jersey native was designing long before then, helping his grandmother sew. After Stephen graduated from F.I.T, he landed a job working for Henri Benel. He worked as a designer at Henri Bendel and one website quoted his work as being "the quintessential fashion expression of the 1970s in a disestablishment sensibility, young nonchalance, and unfailing insistence on looking beautiful." That was said about Stephen in Contemporary Fashion in 1974. On his own work, Stephen said this Contemporary Fashion, "I make colorful adult toys because I think fashion should have a sense of humor, and I want people to be happy in my clothes."

Stephen Burrows clothes are one of a kind pieces that are designed to provoke inspiration, wow, and exude all the fun, playful characteristics of femininity and being a woman. He uses only the finest of materials especially those that the less daring would run away from. His pieces are in a phrase ONE OF A KIND. When asked about his one of a kind pieces, Stephen Burrows has been quoted saying "I have plenty of ideas, I don't have to repeat myself," and I am certainly not mad at that.....I wish more designers were like that.

Stephen Burrows is an award winning, internationally acclaimed designer who is one of a kind in his own right. He has made a tremendous mark in an industry as the pepper in a sea full of salt!!! YAY for Stephen!!!!! LOL**


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