Friday, February 12, 2010

Vday...think OUT the box!!!

Love is in the air! It's Valentines weekend and many people are wondering what they should do or get for that special someone!! This is also, formally, my way of reaching out to potential male readers!! It's a known fact that men don't think like us what, guys do you get or do for your lady for Valentines Day??? I've compiled a list below:
  • Sometimes its the thought and you can let her know what she means to you no matter what level your budget is on. Ask her to be your Valentine even if she's your long time girlfriend (we love to be asked that). Try making her a card (yes, from scratch like elementary school), have an indoor picnic, compile a play list of songs that describe your relationship, drink wine, play boardgames and enjoy each other's company.
  • Cook for her....So, you can' afford a romantic dinner at a 5 star restaurant. She probably doesn't even care so prepare a romantic, 5 star dinner at home, in your basement, your dorm, or wherever. Its special because you took the time to plan the meal, prepare it and you have each other all to yourselves with no waiters or lookers on to interrupt you. Talk about what you want, play footsie, wait on her, feed her.
  • For the guy that has a little more $$$ to work with plan a unique evening. Instead of a restaurant schedule a personal chef to cook the two of you dinner at home & if you're a more adventurous couple you could have a "toy" party with just the two of you. You know, try some of the toys, buy some, play a little with each'd make for great foreplay.
  • Send her FLOWERS!!! Some women don't care about flowers, but I for myself and lots of the women I know....WE LOVE THEM!!! Flowers are a great way to say i'm thinking of you, love you, miss you, want you. If you're still pursuing her this may make her slow down the chase. Be unpredictable. Send them to her job, send them for multiple days, send them one by one. Be sure to include a cute/sexy little note with them.
  • Speaking of flowers, if you're budget is sizeable, you're looking to IMPRESS and want her to savor that Valentines Day FOREVER...send her bejeweled roses, REAL ROSES DIPPED IN PLATINUM, GOLD FOR PRESERVATION!!! Real talk these are expensive but if you can then why not???
  • Kidnap her!!! My guy did this one 3years ago and i'm still googly eyed about that one. Kidnap her and take her somewhere special to both of you. Set the mood with soft music, sweet treats, bubbly, and maybe a game or two to tease the sense in which case those erotic dice will come handy.
  • Visit and get her the most beautiful roses she will probably ever see.
  • HAND WRITE her a love letter and send it to her job, place it in her car, tape it to her bathroom mirror, etc.

My list could go on & on because Valentines Day is one of my FAVORITE days!!!! I wish everyone a very HAPPY & ROMANTIC Valentines Day....hope these suggestions are useful!!!

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