Monday, August 8, 2011

Some new faves....

Hey yall!!! Funny my url is opinionofaglamchik.blogspot and I have not offered an opinion on anything even remotely glam or unglam lately. Forgive me! If you follow my other blog, then you know I am JUST starting to get my energy back, I just updated that one and figured since I'm logged in I will update this one by letting you all in on some new and not so new faves of mine....leggooooooooo

Well, I have become the self proclaimed youtube junkie this summer for all things girly, prissy, and glam!! I have found two new favorite youtubers, and I think they are friends, but their videos are awesome!! The first one is AllThingsFabulous101 and the other is SongbirdDiva4life...they both hail from up north, New York to be exact and have the best reviews on everything from hair, makeup, clothes, wardrobe necessities, giveaways...the works*** I have to say my favorite of the two is Miss Asia of All things fabulous 101 though; her reviews are among the most thorough on "the tube" lol!

Some other new favorites of mine are; NYX makeup products (cheap & great quality). I found out about NYX through All Things Fabulous' videos. I may be late with that one, but I love the quality and they are so economical. Further, in my quest to STOP paying MAC cosmetics $30 a pop for foundation, I have found a drugstore substitute that I probably love more...the Maybeline Fit Me Foundation. I swear by it these days! Also, ummm I have not tried her lipsticks yet, but I am so fascinated by the Keyshia Dior lipstick line because I'm a colour whore and her line has NO shortage of pigments...

Some new brands that I am probably going to fall in love with but are not as popular yet, are Endeavor DC a new, local clothing line in the DC area. You can follow Endeavor DC at @ShopNDVR on Twitter and view their designs at!! Gotta support the local entrepreneurs.

Also, I have noticed that so many new accessory lines have come out...and last night, I came across one I'd never heard of on the bigcartel website called Rachel Stewart Jewelry. I love er designs...find her at

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