Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How about for THICK or for thin??!?!

I have heard of some outlandish stuff when it comes to customizing prenuptial agreements like so & so should get this lump some of money MORE than what is entitled if the other person cheats, but I was just hipped recently to a new one...the extreme weight clauses.  Yes, weight clauses that were traditionally apart of the contracts of your favorite athletes, maybe models, and actors have now found themselves included in PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENTS!!  If you gain too much weight, you have to lose it or consider your weight gain and/or reluctance to lose it as my inevitable OUT!!

WHAT THE HELL?!?! Am I the only one just a bit put off by this...for lack of better words...FOOLISHNESS?!?!  Considering we are in the day of husbands/wives for hire and drive through divorces (ahem...Kim K..Eve & Ocho), I just may be.  Forgive me and call me a prude, but I still view marriage in the traditional sense.  A union of love, a ministry, between a man & woman for BETTER OR WORSE, RICH OR POOR, SICKNESS & HEALTHY and yes, all of that includes whether they are big or small!!

I don't want a man that wants me because i'm small, in my prime, young, beautiful.  NO, I want someone that will be around to spoon feed me if I need it, bathe me if I can't do it.  I want someone that will grab a burger with me at Wendy's as well as wine and dine at Prime 112.  I want a man that can appreciate me at my presently, attractive and curvy size 10/12 and will still love on me with stretch marks and a pooch in my size 18s if the day ever comes. 

Damn.  Love comes with some killer conditions these days!!  Why call it marriage?  How about we call it "love til further notice".  Maybe relationships should be contractual like cell phones...you can opt out at the end of your two years if I am no longer rich, employed, cute, small, fertile, or eat pasta!  LOL, I'm just saying!  It's getting out of hand.  I wish a fool would present me with some ridiculous clause SMH

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