Monday, September 28, 2009

Kardashian-Odom Wedding details!!!!

I have mentioned before how among the celebrities that I keep up with are the Kardashian Dolls...My fave KK Doll has found love and wasted NO time tying the knot with Los Angeles Laker "star" Lamar Odom (hence the word star in quotation marks as I am an avid NBA game watcher and think he's anything but a star but I digress, that's not the point of this post). Just like everyone else i'm thinking WHY ON EARTH IS THERE IS SUCH A RUSH TO GET MARRIED, but it's their love life, their perrogative....let's be happy for them, happy for Khloe who is obviously the sister with the most guts to be herself but, however, seems to have the worst luck with men although this is debateable seeing as though Kim isn't much of a winner in the love department and besides being preggers with Scotts bundle, Kourtney isn't either.

I myself am happy for the young, in love, and famous couple, ESPECIALLY Khloe!!! While everyone else has been caught up in the whirlwind of the Kardashians with Kim's hair being blonde, breaking up with Football boyfriend Reggie Bush, Kourtney's being preggers....I have been disgusted with dialogue of many that constantly compare Khloe to her older sisters, IT'S NOT FAIR!!! Khloe gets the last laugh though by obvioulsy finding great love (or what I hope is great love) and GETTING' A RING ON IT....WHICH NEITHER KOURTNEY NOR KIM has managed to do. ABOVE is a picture of the wedding invite and link to eonline where more details of the Kardashian0-Odom wedding can be found!!!!! YAAAAY KHLOE!!!!

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