Monday, September 28, 2009


I am sooo happy to have my tickets to the the screening of Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT, I CAN'T CONTAIN MYSELF!!! I always wanted to see the MEGAstar in concert one day but sadly I NEVER WILL, live anyway. However in rememberance of the icon I am going to be as stylish as possible in my MJ get up come October 31st to see THIS IS IT!!!! This Is It will feature MJ participating in hours of rehearsal for what was to be his final tour the THIS IS IT tour. As well as know Michael never made it to that tour and the concert promoters are giving us, the fans, a final chance to enjoy the King of Entertainment's performance skills and talent!!!

This Is it an honest gesture for the fans? or simply another attempt for others to nickle and dime the King of Pop even in his death???


Beautiful Diaster said...
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Beautiful Diaster said...

I tried to get tickets for it but they are completely sold out. Let me know how it is, I am sure it is going to be amazing.

Lipglass and Handbags said...

I will definitely tell you about it & blog about it....I need to find one of those MJ Jackets!!! I want a pretty one with sequins on it, hmmmm....need to do some online shopping!!!