Friday, October 9, 2009

If you could....

I read an article on the web this week about a guy who quit his Federal Government job so that he could follow his passion and blog for a living. He was making just shy of six figures annually BUT his heart wasn't in his job. He now blogs and receives donations and contributions as a result of his HUGE following. Actually 99% of his funding reportedly comes from advertisings!!!! Pretty good huh??? I KNOW I would do something like this if I could or the opportunity presented itself....WOULD YOU????


We should all be doing something we love!!!! Use the Prince of Petworth as one of your inspirations to branch out toward happiness, satisfaction and passion.

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Beautiful Diaster said...

If I could sit at home and blog for a living I would, especially if I'm making good money from it. Look at Perez Hilton, all he does is sit around blog and gossip about celebrities all day and I'm pretty sure he loves what he does and makes good money from it.

But we should all definitely be doing things that we love to do, it makes life more exciting when you're happy with what you're doing.