Monday, October 12, 2009


I hate BET but I LOVE "The Game"!!!!! The characters of that show are so true to life and easy to relate to!!! I mean minus the baby mama drama and the cheating (THANK GOD) my last relationship definitely mirrored that of Melanie and Derwin's. by the way "Derwin" made my heart melt this weekend!! It's always the great, black shows that get cut off the air first. I rushed home just to see reruns of the show from 2007 so I can't wait for new episodes to come on....YAY!!!! I'm so glad BET has chosen to stand up for Black Television and show quality programming!!!! CONGRATS TO BET AND THE CAST OF THE GAME**


Beautiful Diaster said...
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Beautiful Diaster said...

Ok, see now I actually have a reason to watch BET. I love The Game and was pissed when the CW cancelled it. BET should bring back Girlfriends and I would really watch the station. Girlfriends was the highest rated sitcom on UPN which then turned to the CW after the merger with the WB. Even when it went to the CW it was the highest rated african-american sitcom on the network followed by Everybody Hates Chris. Reba was the highest rated sitcom on the network over all. But I digress, BET should definitely bring back Girlfriends, the stations ratings will go up.