Monday, October 12, 2009

The weekend...

So, this weekend I was supposed to get a complete makeover. Well, things didn't exactly happen that way. I did get my hair done and it looks fab if I may say so myself. As for the minx (nails) I didn't get around to that. I'm a little cautious about going that route because i'm hearing from a couple of ladies that they begin to peel. Maybe that's a result of poor skill of the person who put theirs on, but as with anything new one has to question if that's just a con to the new item. I have seen some cute minx and was looking to get plain black and silver for my nails but @ $45-$50 a whop I don't need peeling. Maybe i'll just stick to my regular adventures of regular, drawn on nail art. I DIDN'T GET TO SEE CHRIS ROCK'S GOOD HAIR EITHER** My hairstylist's boo is in town so we'll just wait til he's gone to sip wine and look at black women chat about the dos dont's and rules of BLACK HAIR** DID ANYONE SEE IT? WHAT DID YOU THINK?? I did manage to go shopping and if there is any question to whether the recession is ending just take the asker to the mall....IT WAS PACKED THIS WEEKEND!!!! I didn't get much for myself besides some work clothes but what in the HAM SANDWICH was I smokin' to buy my not yet 15 year old brother $400 Prada High Tops** I have never spent that much money on any thing that wasn't for me but I pride myself on being giving as I am anything but a selfish biotch and suppose that was the reason I had $400 to just spend on sneakers for someone else....GIVE PEOPLE WITH AN OPEN HEART!!!!

I said all of that to say I enjoyed my weekend EVEN THOUGH all my goals weren't accomplished. However, if anyone has seen GOOD HAIR, tell me how you liked it and for those that haven't tried the minx, I will let you know ASAP how I like them when I get them. HAVE A BLESSED DAY & STRIVE TO BE A BLESSING TO SOMEONE ELSE**

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