Monday, October 5, 2009

Sasha Fierce Domination.....

Beyonce Knowles is a daughter, sister, auntie, wife, musician, artist, business woman, designer, performer, award winner & now she is officially BILLBOARD'S WOMAN OF THE YEAR after being named WOMAN OF THE YEAR in August, she officially accepted the award/honor today!! Lady Gaga also received the honor of being Rising Star of the Year...but I digress as I am soo not concerned with her award. I'm happy for Beyonce and can't think of any other woman in the music business or entertainment for that matter, that deserves the honor more!!!! SASHA FIERCE HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!!! CONGRATS to Beyonce!!!!

NOW it's time for the other female "entertainers" to step their game up because Sasha Fierce is single handedly dominating and monopolizing the fame, fortune, recognition, success in the entertainment industry.....She's my number 1 but dang ladies don't let her sssh*** on you like that....COME BACK RIRI, CIARA!!! Step it up Keri, Letoya...your entertaining days are numbered with Beyonce Knowles crushin' the competition the way she is & whoever they are....LOL

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