Sunday, October 4, 2009

Diddy vs. Hov

I've had this conversation with a number of different people as the subjects but I want to know what the blog world thinks....Who's the biggest boss, bigger/better personality??? Diddy or Hov? Who's really runnin' NY???
Hip Hop has two major players right now; Diddy & Hov however as a matter of respect, we must recognize the fact that these two men are at different places in the game right now BUT there isn't anyone that could rival their success & influence as it relates to the hip hop generation. These two men, Diddy & Hov BOTH have the cars, money, women, name, status, hail from NY and sit at the top of the hip hop world, as co kings but are they really co-kings.
As for myself, I am a Jay fan and believe that NOONE can see Jay lyrically, stylistically, in realness. However, my others i've spoken with would refer back to Diddy's Bad Boy days as Puff Daddy when BIG, Mase, Total, Mary J, Jodeci were runnin and topping the charts BUT that was then and THIS IS NOW!!!

Jay without a doubt has forced Hip Hop to grow up by abandoning the baggy street clothes going for a more clean, polished look (enters the "button up"), has managed to consistently top the charts without demeaning women and bragging of possessions. Shaun Carter also walks with a swagger as real YET as commanding of a corporate giant, as he, himself, is a corporation. HE HAS THE HOTTEST CHIK IN THE GAME. Hov has lead a movement with the Roc (we all have held up the roc), we all wore something rocawear, bought a JayZ album, probably couldn't buy Christol but refused to drink it if we could, and know that at any moment JayZ can single handedly END any trend & in my opinion even end a trend started by Diddy, LOL ask TPAIN, and has turned the normal sports club/lounge into an upscale party experience!!!

Diddy's had his share of women ventures, and success as well and lets all face it Diddy and J-Lo set the BLUEPRINT for what was to come with JayZ and Beyonce being the original.
So, in your opinion, who's the King of Hip Hop? Who's the King of NY??


sunshinestar110 said...

I love Diddy i do but when I think NY I think Jay-Z all day! He is the king of NY no ones does it like him!!

Lipglass and Handbags said...

I knoooow JayZ is the KING of NY in my eyes & my husband in my head LOL!! JayZ hs the finesse of a corporate CEO AND the swag, walk, talk, demeanor of a regular, NY dude from the hood...LOVE HIM!!!