Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tall, Black, Handsome...Only Athletes Need Apply?**

So, I'm @ work, it's two days before Thanksgiving and you're crazy if you think i'm actually doing some work....PLEASE!!! That's what NEXT Monday is for. However, as I cruised the net, my gossipy, all in the celebs business side took control and that's when I found that Khadijah Haqq half of the twin duo from ATL is dating New Orleans Saints Bobby McCray. DAMN!!! These chiks don't play do they!!! They really do not get down with no broke N****Z!!!! Ladies I refuse to hate but with Sunshine's daily Afternoon Delight, imma just ask HOW CAN I BE DOWN??? If anybody stays up on celebrity juice like me, well Kardashian juice anyway, then you know that Khadijah and twin sister Malika are Best Friends with the Kardashian sisters (Yep, Lomar Odom and Reggie Bush's Kardashian sisters.) SO, LIKE I SAID, HOW CAN I BE DOWN??? I mean i'm not picky it can be NBA or NFL; Devin Thomas, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose.....i'm not golddigger though, i'm just doing whatever it is their doing. It's clear these chiks like a certain type of dude....question is, How come when its an ordinary chik, who will likely never meet these guys, they're called golddiggers????

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sunshinestar110 said...

Girl, I say that all the damn time!!! I have come to the conclusion I'm hanging wit the wrong ppl and living in the wrong place.....u can have Devin Thomas but Dwight Howard I might have to fight u!!