Monday, November 23, 2009


I have been MIA on the blogging front!! I still want to know whats going on with my blog bunnies though. What's going on everybody??? Did anyone see the J.Lo fall lastnight. I watched only for Janet's performance and of course I caught Jay and A. Keys but not the fall. I feel bad for J.Lo cause this is her first performance in awhile....anywho, it happens to the best of them, Queen Bey has even taken a downer or two in her time. What did everyone think of Janet's performance. Can you believe she is 43 years old and HAS NEVER LOST IT??? Gotta love Ms. Jackson!!!

My dream concert is Mariah, Bey Carter, and Janet.....hopefully God will give me that one day. I'm @ work rambling because I should be working, hence the reason i've barely blogged. I have some things on my mind though, so I won't be gone for long. Meanwhile, what's been up with yall? Sunshine where you at? Khaki?? Wsup chiks???? Keep me up and I still didn't get those twitter requests/follows. We need to get that together!!!! Love you dolls!!! ***KISSES** TIL NEXT TIME.
Oh, I had to change my birthday plans....any suggestions on what I can do now???


sunshinestar110 said...

Girl we here!!!! glad to see u have made an appearance!!!

U need to check your twitter cuz I just added you....

khaki said...

Hey chick--- here as always. nothing going on. Dont have your twitter name... hit me up on hbunnyic