Thursday, December 3, 2009

He did what?????

Okay, so chik, on twitter lastnight, "outed" Pretty Ricky's Pleasure P as a child molester. Pretty Ricky and Pleasure, individually have been known for sexually explicit lyrics so I can't fake, my eyebrows did raise at the thought of this actually being true. It has been said that "Pleasure P, Marcus Cooper, was kicked out of the group Pretty Ricky for hiding that he was a child molester, and his people hired her dad (the dad of the chik on twitter) to help cover it up, save his image, so he could get a record deal. WOW!! DAMN!!! is all I could say. These are pretty serious allegations to drag someone's name through and for the sake of his reputation, career I pray they are actually true. Noone would believe they are false if he says they are. How'd he come back from that. This is serious stuff. HOWEVER, supposedly the girl's dad who was again, hired by Pleasure P's people to "keep" his career and image so to speak, hasn't been being paid regularly and so NOW she saw fit to take to twitter and do damage.
What's done in the dark will ALWAYS come to the light. For the sake of everyone's lives I hope the truth is exposed soon.

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