Friday, December 4, 2009

Sooo, idk, I think?

So, i'm @ work and the day is just beginning. The problem is i'm bored already!! I realize that I don't like to much of any ONE thing. I like for things to be switched up, to be challenged, relaxed, and most of all I love being able to express myself. So, while I was supposed to be working on a VERY significant project at work yesterday, I decided to research some grad school programs to find one that interested me. I'm a learner, a student at heart and I love to learn so lately i've been feeling like my bachelors degree isn't enough. It was never going to be my only degree and trust me, IT WON'T. My plan is to study law, obtain my J.D, take the bar and practice law somewhere, probably out on the west coast, Cali, even though their bar is one of the hardest....or so I heard! In the meantime, I want another degree, a master's degree, an interesting career focus.

Right now, I am very thankful for what I am doing now. It's a GREAT opportunity, BIGtime resume builder, and I am learning a wealth of knowledge about the financial industry's rules, regulations, and policies. I'm making great money and I have some priceless contacts....i'm just not SURE this is what is for me. Don't get me wrong, I still want to explore this field as well. I just realize that I have other interests pokin' at my brain.....WHAT DO I DO??? Do I go back to school for journalism? Write for a column to try it out? Take some non-credit journalism class? WHAT DO I DO?

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