Friday, December 25, 2009

Kindness inspires kindness....

It being Christmas inspired me to write this post. The other night after partying, my girls and I headed to IHOP. When we got there, there was a man asking people if he could wash their windows in exchange for a few dollars to buy some coffee and maybe something to eat. Of course he asked my friends and I and we all turned him down as we headed into the warm restaurant to order our food without a care in the world. I will be honest and say that I told the man "I am getting ready to eat with the money that I have."

He answered with "Ok, thank you and have a goodnight." I turned to continue walking inside and in that instant conviction fell on my heart. I DID have it to give to that man and here I was about to leave him out in the cold, Christmas week when all he wanted was warmth and something to put in his stomach. I couldn't live with the answer I gave him so I made sure to turn around and correct the situation by giving him a few dollars, apologizing and telling him to have a Merry Christmas and a goodnight.

As I am inside having great conversation, being warmed by my hot chocolate and filling my belly my meal of sirloin tips, hash browns and pancakes, my mind began to wonder and feel further remorse for the way I initially handled the situation with the man outside. The man came back in to thank me again and tell me he'd washed my windows anyway. I thanked him.

I tell that story to reiterate the title of this post that kindness inspires kindness. Imagine what the world would be like if we all checked ourselves and spent our days trying to be a blessing to others as opposed to judging, condemning, and avoiding those that seem to just be wondering through life.

EVERYONE has a story!!!!!!!!! NOONE says I want to grow up and be addicted to drugs, homeless, abused, live a life a crime, etc. AND it is not for us to judge those fighting such struggles in their lives.....WITH THAT,
decide to be a blessing to someone else by coming out of yourself every now and then and commit a random act of kindness. It doesn't have to be monetary but it could be an encouraging word, a warm smile, honesty, a hug.....HAPPY HOLIDAYS BLOGGERS!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!

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