Monday, December 28, 2009

Planning BIG**

OMG!!!! I'm a real fiend for the color pink. I like for everything I buy to represent me and well in my room everything is PINK* I love Barbie too even though there is a real shortage of BLACK BARBIE merchandise on the market. Anywho, I was thinking I wonder if there is a barbie themed hotel room anywhere and so I googled it....I'll be damned if one didn't pop up!!!! The Palms Hotel & Casino in Vegas has a Barbie Suite in their fantasy tower!!!! Sooo, while it will likely not be when I go to Vegas this time, I will certainly be planning a stay in the Barbie suite...maybe my 25th birthday when I wild the hell out in various cities. Idk though, I may just go ahead and stay there for a night or two when I go in March* Checkout the pics, cute right????

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