Wednesday, December 16, 2009

She that has a purpose....

shall fulfill it and find everlasting success!! I'm still on this whole what am I supposed to do kick and it it' bugging me more lately. As society would have it we're to go to college, graduate, land a job and work for our happiness, success and fortunes. I'm not against that but the word happy isn't in that equation. That's what I want more than anything. I want a life that I work and not the other way around. I went to college, graduated in 4years, landed the job and am quite satisfied with the amount of money I am making. Something is still missing the complete happiness in the matter. I haven't quite achieved that yet, but as of recently, I'm working on it. College graduation bought on some deep thought about life. I ask myself questions everyday like; Am I doing what i'm supposed to be doing now? Socializing with who I should be socializing with now? What does the future have for me?

There are things that are very important to me in life and while a career is one of them work isn't. I don't want my career to be a job, chore or WORK. I want to work my circumstances, life, and career. My loved ones are important to me, memories are more important to me. The idea I once had about the life I thought I wanted is still mixed in with what I want now but I realize more and more that some of those things I wanted are things that don't necessarily nurture the me inside of me. I was born, raised and still live in the Washington, DC area but this is not where I see me starting and raising a family but who knows. I wish it was easier, like if someone could just give me a plane ticket and keys to a condo on the beach in Malibu, then gave me my voice recorder, pen and paper and told me I was working at the Los Angeles Times a freelance writer, the black Carrie Bradshaw! LOL!!

LOL, it may seem funny but I kinda do still want the rewarding career of an Attorney, the idea of 3 more years of school doesn't make me cringe but I'd like to be an attorney who practiced if she wanted to. I would rather spend my days getting to know people, hearing their stories, documenting them, capturing the moments with timeless photos! I want to live life and have a career that I can thrive in while doing that!!! That's why I think that journalism may be for me. Who knows, there are lawyers in EVERY field!!


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