Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Black men might be....

my all time guitly pleasure. I know the boyfriend would just die if he read this but after reading that essence magazine last night (YES, the new one with fine, rock hard, chocolate Reggie Bush on it), Im still a little excited because my mind keeps going there sinfully recollecting the pictures of Reggie, Lance Gross, Terrence Howard, Maxwell...chocolate, whether it be milk, dark or white has ALWAYS been my flavor of choice!! To me, there is nothing more alluring, mysterious, and sensual than a black man!! I mean there is the black woman because we're some BAD creatures ourselves, but I'm speaking from the perspective of a heterosexual, black woman and the black man in all his flavor, silent yet overwhelming strength, mystery, quiet confidence and meticulously put together fineness has had me lustfully daydreaming since forever!!! I LOVE them!! Lord knows I prefer them!! Don't get me wrong I don't discriminate against the men. White men are cool, Latin men are another story I like them too, Italians are okay, and a few asians have caught my eye too, but NO man has the commanding presence of a strong, black man. From every walk of life the black man brings to the table the strength, charisma and SPICE** There is NOTHING stronger, tastier, smarter, wittier, sexier, more exciting than a BLACK man !!!

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