Monday, January 25, 2010

Caesars, Tiffany's, Mia...

I'm at work feeling happy, refreshed, blessed and ready for anything. I had a mini vacay with the boyfriend this weekend in Atlantic City. I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't really all excited about going in the beginning because it's winter. However, now i'm glad we went there. He arranged for us to stay in Caesars Palace. We had a King suite on the 38th floor so we saw all of the scenery and beautiful lights of the nighttime Atlantic City skyline!! The first night was pretty chill he played a little Roulette and I just relaxed. Friday, the second day we had lunch in The Pier @ Caesars Palace in the Continental, gambled, and then shopped. Indeed we shopped and I ended up being the recipient of some very, pretty, stud-ball silver Tiffany earrings....LOVE THEM!!! We had dinner that night at the restaurant Mia and i'll admit I felt a bit out of place at first, a little uncomfortable but quickly got over that. Reason being, we were the only young people in the place and we were the only African Americans. Nonetheless, my babe's sense of humor, sweetness made the dinner humorous and the food was pretty good. I was secretly hoping it wasn't one of those bougie places that looks pretty, has high prices and less than great food but I was satisfied. The rest of the trip was spent gambling, visiting the other hotels, taking pics, eating out....We had a good time! It made more excited about my girls trip to Vegas in April though!!!!

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