Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As we progress through life, we encounter many different kinds of personalities. We befriend some of them, fall in love with some but one thing is certain not all of them will last, all aren't meant to. That is the aspect that we have trouble dealing with the most as people. We seek acceptance, companionship, affection and love so when someone we want around no longer wants us around we often find it difficult to cope with that reality. Although, life does eventually move on...and this could be true of a relationship with a family member, friend or "friend", and mate. Even "life long" friends can be people that existed only in your past, and it is perfectly fine and very normal to be sad, at first, but of more importance to understand the role he/she played in your life, acknowledge and appreciate the good you two shared and DECIDE that relationship is over and moving on is vital to YOUR development, YOUR health, and YOUR happiness. It doesn't make you a bad person, doesn't mean you never cared for them, it means you understand that your happiness is up to you and that NOTHING should negatively impact that. People often tell me I am "heartless", insensitive because I approach relationships and i'll be honest I approach most friendships with this state of mind...it's not that I am never or never was your friend, it's because I understand that there will be other relationships and that when ANY door closes it's working for the eventual good and means another is not too far from opening. Don't get me wrong there are friendships/relationships worth fighting for, worth putting work into...but some have just run their course and you'll know those when you come across them.

LESSON: DO NOT pour in unnecessary energy or stress over situations, people, things you CANNOT and will NOT ever be able to change. Choose to be happy, smiling, at peace, secure, and sure of your surroundings and associates. Anything else WILL compromise all of that.

I can say that i've realized this as I examined the relationships & "friend"/friendships i've had but nothing or noone has kept me from being happy, living the life I want to live and pursuing the things I want to pursue...that means everything that ended and everyone that is no longer IS NOT for a reason!!!!


Beautiful Diaster said...

Absolutely love this...

Lipglass and Handbags said...

Like some things just end...it's their time too*