Thursday, January 28, 2010

Strength of a people...

YES, I think that'd be a fitting way to describe the role of the Black Woman in the African American community. From Hottentot to Michelle Obama, THE Black woman has, since the beginning of time, been the strength of her people even when she herself felt like going forward was the inevitable impossible. I am a daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, cousin, coworker, student but the hat I wear with the most pride is the one of African American Woman. Her strength is unmatched and her challenges have often been grueling and lonely but, just like Dr. Angelou she continues to shine and rise!!!! That is why with Black History Month approaching and Women's History Month right after I will be doing one post a week to acknowledge, celebrate and spotlight an African American Woman of signifance, beauty, poise. Whether she's artistic, political, an intellectual, philanthropist, the candy lady or Ms. Shirley from next door....The next two months will be all about my fellow Beautiful Black Women******

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