Thursday, February 25, 2010

100 things I want to do....

I'm at work bored writing up some mumbo jumbo procedures and decided to take a blog break. So, I decided to make a list, or start at least, of things I want to do in this lifetime. Here goes:

1. Buy my dream house BEFORE I get married.
2. Invest in some promising stock.
3. Visit Africa while doing charity work...maybe help build something or develop a community.
4. Give a substantial amount of money to my college Alma Mater
5. Undergo genetic testing to find out what i'm really made of...who really knows anyway???
6. Visit Disney World @ Christmas time...the pics i've seen look sooo **PRETTY**
7. Start a program/magazine/blog meant to reach out to young women & their issues
8. Build or at least contribute to the building of a shelter.
9. Meet & marry the refined, handsome man in my dreams
10.Retire early, wealthy, and HAPPY!!!
11. Vacation in the South of France....St. Tropez
12. Meet Beyonce....YES!! I am a dedicated Stan and a very proud one @ that!!!!
13. Have four wonderful kids of my own....2boys and 2girls
14. Go shopping at the Mall of America
15. Have a photo session with Marques of CP
16. Take a pole/exotic dancing class
17. Go to the Superbowl...The ENERGY is probably amazing!!!
18. Visit wine country in Napa...
19. Own an Italian villa tucked behind some trees in Napa
20. Stomp the know how they do to make wine
21. Go four wheeling in the snow...I really want an ATV
22. Always wanted to be the first, youngest, African American female Supreme Court Justice
24. Get a Brazilian Wax
25. undergo laser hair removal
26. Visit Neverland Ranch...hopefully its turned into a memorial one day...R.I.P MJ
27. Perfect and become fluent in the French and Spanish languages
28. Have a romantic picnic at a summer jazz in the park concert....**sigh**
29. Buy my Black Malibu Barbie beach house....yessss, the spot for me and my ladies
30. Take a ski trip to the mountains in Aspen, Colorado...want a home there too
31. See, Hug, go out with and devour Tremaine "Trey Songz" Neverson
32. Participate in Amateur Night (LOL yes, that kind) if I can overcome that I can over come anything!!!
33. Have dinner with President and First Lady Obama
34. Visit the Holy land...
35. Kiss my Prince at the top of the Eiffel Tower
36. Wear an engagement and wedding ring from either Harry Winston or Tiffany's
37. Have my bachelorette weekend at the Barbie Suite in Vegas...of course
38. Take a pottery class & decorate my house with my stuff
39. Attend a live taping of an award show...preferrably the Vogue Fashion Awards or the Grammys.
40. Find a way to ship all the FAKE people to PLUTO**
41. Have my hair back at shoulder length by this time next year...NO shorter, NO loner
42. Do my calendar...uh huh
43. Buy two adorable malteses when I move into my own place
44. I used to wanna be an AKA, didn't happen in undergrad BUT.......
45. Visit the pyramids in Egypt
46. Provide my future kids with the best private school education; Bullis, Sidwell Friends, Gtown Prep
47. Taste the Ace of Spades Rose`
48. Try to walk the tight rope...I'd definitely be scared but would prove alot to MYSELF
49. Have an annual retreat with all my college friends
50. Go on a trip abroad alone and experience everything!!!
51. Lose 20lbs
52. Meet Chris Brown...he's such a cutiePie....I'm Team CB
53. Imma hopeless romantic & I want to kiss in the rain
54. Learn to Knit so I can make myself some of those cute winter hats & scarves
55. Finally clear my room of all this useless stuff
56. LOL, have a glass of wine & day out with NeNe from Real Housewives of ATL, my biotch**
57. Ask Kenyon Martin what the hell was he thinking to get Trina's lips tatted on him.
58. Ask GOD if OJ Simpson really killed Nicole & Ron.
59. Probably won't but I want to find out who killed Jon Benet Ramsey, just cause
60. Learn how to make good scrambled eggs, I don't eat them but my husband probably will
61. Find out my family's origin...WTF!!!
62. Be sure about all my friendships....fakes DISGUST me!!
63. Go to an All Star Weekend...a good one, in a fun place
64. Go to my brother's NBA game. NO, he's 15 but i'm claiming his BLESSING!
65. Meet the President of Chanel North America, LOL, my GYN is friends with him
66. Have an 80s themed skate party.....would be legendary!!!
67. Get some cellulite removed....I only have a little but EWWWW, it's annoying
68. Go to my dream concert with; Beyonce, Mariah, Jazmin Sullivan & Chrisette Michele
69. Stay in that ICE hotel...Can't remember where it is but it looks FUN
70. Buy a complete collection of Samuel L. Jackson movies...LOVE HIM**
71. Stay in the Cinderella Suite in the Castle @ Disney World
72. Go to Mardi Gras but I wanna do that before I turn 30
73. Take Rihanna's stylist from her....&
74. ...Have a shoe game a fierce as Sasha's
75. Spend Christmas in New York
76. Grow tremendously in Christ
77. However, I can be a blessing to someone else
79. Buy textbooks for kids in poor inner city schools
80. Walk down the streets of SoHo, carrying a Chloe bag & wearing next season's sh**
81. Take a business course under the tutelage of Kimora Lee & Sean Combs
82. Dress as a geisha girl while visiting in Asia
83. Write my own column...the Black Carrie Bradshaw
84. Style Nikki Minaj because she blows my life with her collection of leggings & pink hair
85. Read the entire Bible
86. Learn how to drive a stick shift vehicle
87. Go to a Nascar race...they look fun, can be glamorous too; big hats & sundresses
88. See Harriett Tubman's birthplace
89. I want to try the minx nails....I keep putting it off, people say they peel
90. Learn how to give a killer massage!!!! Great skill to have!
91. Learn how to play the basketball video games, starting with 2K10
92. Before I move out, take a cooking class...PRONTO
93. Ask the Octomom why she STILL wants to have another have 13 kids lady!!
94. Switch places with some guys I know & show them what asses they are sometimes
95. Buy my wedding dress from Kleinfelds in New York....**Say Yes to the Dress**
96. Get the fast food restaurants in my area to give me leftover food for the homeless
97. Get my motorcycle license!!!!!!!!!!!!
98.Hail a NY cab like a real New Yorka
99. Honor the 10 commandments**


moxie_b said...

WOW..great list...definitely made me think of all the things i want to accomplish big and small...good luck!

Lipglass and Handbags said...

Do a list on your blog too so I can read yours!!! Thank you for the luck..some of those things will probably only every happen in my dreams. I hope you accomplish your dreams and goals to hunni...**hugs**