Sunday, February 21, 2010


NOOO, not Betsey Johnson...BEVERLY Johnson!!

Beverly Johnson was born October 13, 1952 in Buffalo, New York to middle class parents. As a child Beverly participated in Athletics and had dreams of, one day, becoming a lawyer. She pursued those dreams by first working toward a Criminal Justice degree (like moi...LOL) at Northeastern University.

While in college Beverly, after the encouragement of some friends, tried out for modeling and she ended up on the cover of Glamour magazine. It was the first of many covers for the young, beginner model. It was in 1974, however, that Beverly Johnson, would shatter the norm and break barriers by gracing the cover of VOGUE magazine!!! She was the first African American woman to land such a job...thus, paving the way for models that would come later like Tyra Banks, tantrum having Naomi Campbell and the beautiful Selita Ebanks, among others.

After a tremendously successful career as a fashion model, Beverly Johnson has been featured in films such as How To Be A Player and even has her own line of hair weave...that looks fab even though I haven't tried it myself. Beverly Johnson was also named to be one of the MOST influential people of the 20th century which is pretty huge, if you ask me!!! WHO SAYS SUPER MODELS CAN'T DO ANYTHING ELSE??!?!?!?

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