Friday, August 12, 2011

Will true beauty please stand up?!?!

Yesterday, while catching up on the news, I ended up watching Showbiz Tonight to get my entertainment news fix, and they were talking about this t-shirt. You may not recognize the quote on the shirt, but Supermodel Kate Moss was quoted in 2009 as saying " Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." We all know the fashion industry is plagued with malnutritioned, unhealthy, skinny women (and men), so for Kate Moss it made sense for her to say that because in her world, the skinnier you are the, the more paychecks you receive. What frustrated me about this shirt is the same thing that would probably frustrate any sane person. In this picture, A CHILD IS WEARING THE QUOTE ON A T-SHIRT!!! Apparently some wise person affiliated with zazzle decided to market the quote on t-shirts in lieu of promoting positive, universal images of beauty. The thinking process behind marketing such a quote is; skinny is better, the skinnier the better, skinny is more important than health, etc. I am an advocate for recognizing someone, especially women, for their true displays of beauty; the kind way they treat someone, the confidence they portray no matter their size, their intellect, and choosing to embrace who they are healthily, despite society's emphasis on the unrealistically, skinny woman being the beautiful one as she hides behind the shame and difficulties of poor self image, eating disorders, psychological disorders....the beauty she is put on display to portray is not what they or their insides feel. It is unhealthy, unsafe, and sometimes deadly! Skinny is not better...healthy, no matter the size of the person is paramount and this quote does not convey that! Women come in all sizes, I, myself am a size 10 and would look foolish in a size 5!

Per news reports, zazzle decided to pull the shirt from the site out of good judgment, if you ask me! Further, I do not think I need to say again that advertising the shirt with a little girl wearing it was in severely poor taste!

I think there is enough in the mainstream that women battle against in respect to beauty, weight, self image!
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smr2189 said...

Oh wow! I can't believe someone thought this was a good idea.

I swear some people were just born without brains. Great post. Found you via 20SB. Glad I stopped by! I'll definitely be back.

Kayla said...

found your blog through 20sb :) very cute & sassy

but, to this post - I cannot believe this! How stupid can people be? I mean I struggle with my weight, but I still do not believe that skinny is all that great - healthy, def great, but super skinny, not so much

will be following now :)

Lipglass and Handbags said...

Hello ladies!! Thanks for the visit and your comments! Yes, this shirt could not be created in any poorer taste! Such a negative message! Thanks for the support...don't be stranger!