Monday, September 14, 2009

B, the definition of class....and keepin' it REAL!!!!

Like most of the blog world, I have to give my two cents about MTV's Video Music Awards. LOL, Kanye West is wylin...but I have to have respect for someone who is the only person to stand up and give voice (no matter what kind) to something the whole world is thinking.....that was not Taylor Swifts award!!!!
LOL Kanye West who was without a doubt drunk and under the influence of the YAK he had on the red carpet last night, jumped his happy behind on stage to let the world know that Taylor Swift shouldn't have gotten the award for Best Female Video and that Beyonce had one of the biggest videos of all time, much to the surprise of Mrs. Knowles-Carter and the rest of the world!!!!!! Poor Taylor looked to be on the verge of tears but was too shocked to even cry....DANG!!!!
However, in an attempt to rectify the moment for little miss Swift, Beyonce allowed her (Taylor) to give her acceptance speech when she (Beyonce) accepted Best Video of the Year...displaying, to us all CLASS at it's best!!!! I'm sure there were plenty of Beyonce haters that just knew she would ignore the ordeal and not give Miss Swift her due but the Lady B proved them all wrong and walked away with the biggest award of the night, after a killer performance with her $500 million husband, GO BEYONCE!!!!
While I applaud what Beyonce did, I also do that for Kanye as well.....he was being 100% himself and that is to be respected and commended, because too many of us are so politically correct that we lose ourselves in what we allow other people to deem appropriate for us, NOT KANYE!!! He's the real deal and what you see is exactly what you get...I can appreciate people like that and I love them. In fact, I like Kanye more now than I did before!!! So toast to everyone being themselves for now on, that is: saying how you feel, doing what you want, NOT doing and saying what you don't want to do and say, and LIVING FOR YOU!!!!!!

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