Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My favorite singer and My fave Saggi besides ME!!!!

It's no secret that December or the saggitarius sign is the sign of greatness!!!!! The first week of December is loaded with awesome star-studded birthdays other then my own. We all know that Jay-Z (my other favorite saggitarius) turned the BIG 40 this past Friday. Shaun Carter did it up Hov style in the Dominican Republic as a courtesy of Mrs. Beyonce Carter in a twenties themed affair. That gives me an idea for next year, I love the "Roaring Twenties" the era was so glam which totally explains the reason for Bey selecting that theme...I mean it's Shaun and Beyonce Carter! What else would they do? Anywho, they're my favorite couple so here's a "Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Carter!!"

Don't they look fab...LOL i'm too much for myself this morning, but yes!!! LOVE THEM!!!

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