Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey there....

I been on this hiatus. Not necessarily because I wanted to be but because the new year bought with it a refreshing new love from an old beau, projects galore @ work (not complaining) and well, i've just been busy, but in a good way. I was excited about this year, optimistic about the good stuff I felt it would have to offer and so far so good. One thing I said I start doing is reading more for pleasure and knowledge and so that's had my attention as well, and of course like everyone else, I've been on this NEW year, NEW me kick....working out like crazy! I have been hearing so many stories about people who blog for a living lately. I mean they are really supporting their lifestyles by just letting their fingers dance across the keyboard as they spill out their thoughts and opinions to a cyper world full of billions of strangers.

I have blogged about this before but I really would love to do that, but it takes such dedication and there seems, @ least on the surface, seems to so much more security in the traditional 9-5. I mean, unless something happens or I reallly F up on the job really bad, my job will be there for me and so will my paycheck. Not so much security in blogging for a living but maybe, one day.
I am sooo EXCITED to be goin' to the Monica concert in B-More this Friday with the boo!!! I have been listening to her music alot lately, leading up to the show and it takes me baaaack!!!!!

Monica may be a bit misunderstood or under-rated! We certainly don't hear from her enough or see/hear her receive of the much necessary kudos...I LOVE EVERYTHING she has done!!! Going waay back to the Miss Thang album with "Before You Walk out My life" "Don't Take it Personal." Not to mention the woman behind the music is so real and relateable and MISS THANG keeps her real, hood dude....that is to be appreciated lol!!! It's a treat for both of us. I love the music and she's the first girl he ever had a crush on back in the day....***so funny*** he knows the words to all her songs.....CAN'T WAIT!!!!!


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