Thursday, January 14, 2010

I never wanted so much for someone....

else than I do right now. The aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti has my heart so heavy the past couple of days. Yesterday, I donated $10 but what, honestly, is that going to do? It may buy a couple of bottles of water, some can goods, and allow someone to make a phone call or two but I want to make a big difference, and help someone but I don't have the means to do that! I watched CNN lastnight and sadness quickly started to consume me as I read some of the facts about this very poor and forgotten country. Just watching CNN lastnight was a humbling experience. I live in Prince Georges County, Maryland and Haiti the entire country is just the size of the state of Maryland, 58% of the population is under 18 years old and 39% are under the age of 15.....THINK ABOUT THAT!!! Most of the people in need, starving, dying, homeless are just children. That really breaks my heart especially in regards to Haiti because this is already a country that was amongthe world's poorest...and now they have to weather this? Those babies have to weather this? Just think, some of them, although poor, will never see their parents, siblings again. The government is in shambles and the only hope the citizens of this country has is that a world that more often then not, didn't think of them and come to their rescue, will now!!

I found it hard lastnight to go on with my evening as usual. As I drove home in my Mercedes, talked to my boyfriend on my BlackBerry, browsed the net on my laptop, looked at the news on my 40" flat screen, tried to make a decision about dinner (from a kitchen full of food), thought about what I'm going to wear to the concert tomorrow, and crawled in to my king sized bed...i realized how really none of those THINGS mattered at all and that just a few hundred miles from the U.S people were dying, starving, had no leadership to look to, no shelter....I had to turn it all off and let those thoughts marinate within me. There is a world outside of this bubble called the United States of America, and we tend to forget that soo much! We take for granted the plumbing systems, clean water, meds, paved roads, that we have choices of what to eat.....WE ARE TRULY LUCKY/BLESSED but to be of a blessing to another!!!

I'm so very proud of President Obama's swift response to the disaster in Haiti and I urge everyone to find a way to donate/help and DO IT!!! Give blood, donate cash....LET'S ALL DO OUR PART TO HELP OUR FELLOW CITIZENS OF THIS WORLD!!!!

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