Thursday, January 14, 2010

So I wonder with....

the movie "Precious" experiencing so much success in theaters does that mean a new space will open up for movies based on more African American literature....I love my African American authors and urban novels; Flyy Girl (Omar Tyree's famed novel & MUST read), Coldest Winter Ever, Wifey, etc, etc...When I get one in my hand I can't LITERALLY can't put it down!!

I want to see some of these movies hit the big screen. Maybe, then theyll be more of an outlet for African American actors and actresses. I relate to alot of these books as i'm sure lots of people do and I think it's about time we see some of our stories made into motion pictures. The mainstream's authors like Nicholas Sparks, Jackie Collins have books that hit the big screen with no problem but my hope is that production heavyweights like Tyler Perry in our community will take the lead on these projects.

We haven't seen any projects from the likes of John Singleton, Spike Lee in a while....So what's the holdup Black Hollywood??? Maybe it's funding cause the talent, material is there. I'm hopeful that we will one day see these books become major motion pictures.

I can see the DELICIOUS Lance Gross as Midnight from Coldest Winter Ever, Lauren London as Tracey from Flyy Girl, and with a few more acting classes Beyonce could be Kyra from Wifey!!!!!!! I need some new books too!!!

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