Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last night....

started off a little loopy but the night was wonderful. The boo & I went to see Monica in concert in B-More and it took forever for her to get there but anywho, she did!! The concert was hott!! I actually like to going to concerts in Baltimore more because their venues are smaller and you're likely to get a GREAT seat. Our seats were center stage and even though we were on the 11th row, it was like we were in row 5!!! I was sooo pressed because she doesn't have song I don't like and all her songs have been a favorite of mine at one point or another. We had fun, sipped some cocktails, sang, and took some pics. LOL, Monica is so real and so "hood" in a good way!! I love that about her, I love that she's never put on the "better than" act and stay true to herself all these years....commendable. I HAD A BLAST**

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