Sunday, February 7, 2010

Date Night.....Remixed

Valentines Day is exactly one week from today, and some of my single friends & associates are "feeling the pressure" so to speak, to have a date for that night,to fill the status quo. If that's not your situation though and you're fabulously single, with no special plans for the night, it doesn't mean your only options are sitting at home with a pint of your favorite ice cream, watching romantic comedy films....Noooooo, you're too fab, too young for that. Listening to my friends, I started thinking of fun things i'd want to do if I were single....and I came up with these ideas:

  • Attend a church service with your girlfriends and a fab brunch afterwards. Have some mimosas, good food and get in some girl talk. I always find that refreshing!!

  • Make reservations for you and some friends at an area restaurant or just go out on a whim and pick a restaurant without reservations. When you get there order fun girly drinks, all the appetizers that catch your eye, have dessert and then head to one of D.C's trendy boutique hotels for a sleepover. Yes, a sleepover, just like when you were 10years old. Have wine, play boardgames, make prank calls, do makeovers, talk, and if you feel like it man bash. Hotels to check out are: Hotel Helix, Hotel Palomar, Aloft....they're all modern, hip and fun. Helix is my personal fave!!

  • SPEED DATING-I know plenty of guys that do not have dates for Valentines Night either. With that in mind go speed dating!!!! You can do this with girlfriends too, go to dinner and then for a round of speed dating. Who knows you may come across someone that you'd want to have drinks with after....DON'T KNOCK IT TIL YOU TRY IT!! Seeing how the movies portray speed dating you may get in a few laughs too....

  • Go on a weekend girlfriends getaway. It can be local or it can be your roadtrip for next weekend since it's a long weekend. Have an impromptu weekend with your girls; spa, dining, shopping, fab hotel!!! I love road trips with my girlfriends***

  • Use Valentines Day to celebrate your friendships-get small trinkets for your friends, write them a note, or card explaining how you appreciate their presence in your life,, make a collage of your pictures together. After all they probably were right there, comforting you after that last jerk broke your heart. Wear red or pink, go out and celebrate each other.
There are no written rules about Valentines Day so write your own and celebrate your femininity, friendships** It's what being a girl is all about....enjoy your day & HAPPY EARLY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!

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